Coach Car


Relax, open your window and let the journey fill your senses.


Our classic Coach car brings your family and friends together for the ride of a lifetime. Enjoy the views
from your comfortable padded seat looking out your openable panoramic window. Feel free to move about, visit the concession car for snacks and beverages, and take in the sights, sounds, and fresh breezes on the open-air gondola. You’ll have just the right mix of sitting time and active participation. Your ticket also includes a delicious buffet lunch and a luxury motor coach ride back to your car. Ride Coach for the full
experience, without any compromises.

ADA Compliant


  • Access to the Open-Air Gondola

On-Board Concessions:

Beverages – water, soda, juices, coffee, hot tea, and hot cocoa
Full Bar Service – Beer, Wine & Cocktails

*All guests will be asked to provide valid ID to purchase alcoholic beverages.

ADA/Wheelchair Access

We have wheelchair lifts available on select coaches and motorcoaches. Please make your reservation at least seven days in advance of departure and notify us at 1-888-286-2737 or at If you use a wheelchair or require assistance, please advise when you book your reservation and re-confirm those needs within three days of your scheduled ride with our ticket agents.

On the train, if you require ADA use of a wheelchair, walker, or scooter we have a wheelchair lift available.  Your seating will be in our ADA equipped coach with an ADA restroom available in the same car.

Passengers walking between cars will need to be able to walk unassisted as wheelchairs, walkers and scooters cannot crossover the end platforms our passenger cars.

Car Options:

Click on any of the cars below for more information and to book online.

Parlor Car



Deluxe Car


Coach Car


Gondola Car – Open to All Passengers