The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad has its very own app!

The app is free! Go to your iPhone Apps or Google Play store to download it today! Click the link to go directly to the app. Or, use your QR reader on your phone. If you want to view the app on a desktop computer instead, click here.

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This is a native app, which means it will download and store the content to your phone and use GPS to follow your location and will alert you when exciting points of interests are coming up on your train trip! Select the train trip you will be taking for the best results.



Things to consider –

  • Download the app before arriving at the depot.
  • Once on the train, turn on your navigation and then turn on airplane mode to conserve your battery.
  • Bring a portable battery charger to make sure your phone will last the whole trip.


Tracks Across Borders Byway

The app also has GeoAlerts for the Tracks Across Borders Byway. A new Byway that follows the original Denver and Rio Grande route from Chama, NM to Durango, CO.

Tracks Across Borders. The name itself begins to reveal a unique journey through two states, Native American cultures, breathtaking countryside, treaties and technology, across ancient and historic time, and varied communities of the present day. From the romance of the rails and authentic Native American culture to spectacular scenery and a myriad of recreational opportunities, New Mexico and Colorado’s newest Byway is a richly layered time capsule offering the traveler a comprehensive experience in all aspects.

Located in northern New Mexico and southwest Colorado, the route traces the narrow gauge right-of-way of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad (D&RG). The Byway’s primary feature is the creation and development of the nation’s largest narrow gauge railroad system. Prominent sections of the Byway corridor are located on, or adjacent to, the original railroad grade. Once connected by the railroad, Chama, NM and Durango, CO served as the primary gateway cities to this Byway.  The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad and the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad have achieved the highest designation of national historic significance in the country and are vitally important tourism destinations.

This route offers many unique stories related to the economic and engineering heritage of the Denver and Rio Grande railroad, Native American and Hispanic culture, and prehistory.

Just click on the TABB portion of the app to access the Byway route information. Please note that there is an area along the Byway that is fair weathered roads. It is not advised to drive this road if it has been raining or may start raining while driving the Byway.