Fireman & Engineer Experience

An Engineer Preparing

Have you ever dreamed of shoveling coal or pulling on a throttle?  Check out the Fireman & Engineer Experience for a chance to live out your dream!

During our 4-day Fireman Experience, you’ll learn to fire an antique K-36 Baldwin locomotive with actual running time on the rails.

The 4-day Engineering Experience will take you even further with more running throttle time, and a hands-on education into the daily service and maintenance aspects of the railroad.

The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad (C&TS) Fireman & Engineer Experience was not offered last season (2023) and won’t be offered this season (2024). The popular program, has been put on pause while the railroad focuses on maximizing the use of its locomotive fleet to meet the demand for daily passenger service. 

During the 2024 season, the C&TS will evaluate how to enhance the program so that it can provide a meaningful education without impacting daily operations. We are optimistic to offering the Fireman & Engineer Experience during our 2025 season. 

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