Galloping Goose No. 5 2018 Schedule

The Galloping Goose returns!

The Galloping Goose Historical Society and the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad are once again bringing The Galloping Goose back to the railroad. Goose #5 will operate during the Fall colors between Chama and Antonito September 25 through September 30, 2018.

Do not miss this rare opportunity to experience the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad from a new perspective as Fall colors would have been seen by passengers on the famous and romantic Rio Grande Southern Railroad in 1950.

Galloping Goose No. 5 was completely restored to operating condition in 1998 by the Galloping Goose Historical Society, located in Dolores, CO.

Motor No. 5 went into service on June 8, 1933. (The railroad officially called these vehicles Motors until 1950.)

The cost was $2,599 for No. 5, which was built with a 1928 Pierce-Arrow limousine body and running gear. It was rebuilt in 1946/47, using a World War II surplus GMC gasoline truck engine and a Wayne Corporation school bus body. In 1950, the freight/mail compartment was converted to carry 20 additional passengers for sightseeing trips. With a one-man crew, and operating on gasoline rather than steam, the Galloping Goose and its fellow motors fit the bill for economic travel.

In 1952, members of the Dolores Rotary Club purchased Galloping Goose No. 5 from the court-appointed receiver for $250. It was then put it on display in Flanders Park in Dolores as a reminder of the town’s railroad heritage until being restored in 1997.

All tickets are subject to a 7% Historic Preservation fee.

Galloping Goose #5 Schedule

Tuesday 25 Sept Lv 8:30am Chama – Osier – Chama
Wednesday 26 Sept Lv 8:30am Chama- Osier – Antonito
Thursday 27 Sept Lv 8:30am Antonito – Osier – Chama
Friday 28 Sept Lv 8:30am Chama – Osier – Chama
Saturday 29 Sept Lv 8:30am Cumbres Turn
Sunday 30 Sept Lv 8:30am Chama – Osier – Antonito

ALSO – Galloping Goose #5 available:

Monday 1 October Lv 8:30 a.m. Antonito – Osier – Chama (Luxury Motor Coach from Chama leaves at 7:00 a.m.)


Cost:  $125.00 per person, Saturday, September 29, 2018 cost:  $59.00 per person

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