Trip #6

Trip #6 10:00am –  Chama to Antonito by train / return to Chama by motorcoach – 6:00pm

Enjoy an authentic western breakfast in Chama, New Mexico and then board the train at 10:00am. Gather in the open car to enjoy a complete narration by one of our docents. The Fireman of the engine will be working hard to shovel coal into the firebox to produce the steam that carries the train to the top of Cumbres Pass. Wear your hat and sunglasses as you see the powerful engine produce steam and smoke as it carries you to the top of the mountain. A delicious lunch is served at Osier, and then you’ll proceed into deep canyons, amazing rock formations and beautiful prairie en route to the old western town of Antonito, Colorado. A luxury motorcoach will then whisk you back to the starting point in Chama.



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