Caboose Charters

Ever climbed into a cupola—the observation deck atop a caboose?

Charter a caboose for you and up to eleven guests! Converted in the 1970s from a boxcar, this caboose offers a level of luxury unknown to the train crews that traditionally lived and rode on a caboose: carpeting and cushioned chairs await you.

This car seats up to twelve riders (eight on the main level, four in the cupola) and can be rented for any regular itinerary.

Caboose availability is limited. Call 1-888-286-2737 for further information. A caboose ride is $2500 and includes lunch. Applies to full trips only.

Train Charters

Large groups who find existing schedules inconvenient may want to talk to our Charter Specialists, at 888-286-2737 or by email at [email protected], about chartering a train to run on a custom schedule.

The itinerary is limited only by your imagination. You may want to charter a train as a fundraiser or for that perfect party. Reservations must be made in advance.

Contact our Charter Sales Office by email at [email protected] or by telephone 888-286-2737.

All Fares Are Subject To A 7% Historical Preservation Fee.

General Info/Tickets


[email protected]

Car Options:

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