Passenger Info

We want your trip to be the best scenic narrow gauge experience you have ever had! We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before departure.

For your comfort and safety please observe the following:

1. Tickets denote your description along with your car and seat assignment. Car numbers are displayed on the side of the train cars so that you may easily identify which car you are to ride in. Passengers should be on board and in their assigned seats no later than 10 minutes before departure time. Passengers must retain their tickets to guarantee proper seat assignment for the afternoon part of the trip following lunch at Osier.

2. Restrooms are located in designated cars on the train. All cars have trash receptacles.

3. Children need to be accompanied by an adult at all times for the duration of the trip. Please see that they obey all safety regulations and that they do not run or play in the aisles.

4. The Open Gondola has no assigned seats. Passengers are free to ride in this car once the conductor has checked tickets and announced passengers are free to roam about the train.

5. A concession car provides snacks, beverages, and souvenir items once the trip is underway. A car attendant will offer you items as well. We recommend that you drink plenty of water!

6. Smoking is not allowed on board the trains. There is an outside smoking area at the Osier lunch stop.

7. While every effort is made to maintain our train and bus schedules, delays may arise due to mechanical, weather, or other conditions. The C&TSRR will not be liable for any delays, whatever the cause.

8. Coal-fired steam locomotives emit cinders and soot. Passengers will be responsible for their own protection from cinders and soot. The railroad will not be responsible for soiled clothing or cinders in the eyes. In the event an incident does occur, please report to a member of our train crew. We recommend sunglasses or safety glasses be worn when outside in the gondola car.

9. Elevation ranges in altitude from 7,863 to 10,015 feet. You may want to consult with your doctor before riding if you are subject to heart or breathing problems.

10. Items to bring should include a hat, sunscreen and safety goggles or sunglasses. Open toed shoes should not be worn on the train. We further recommend wearing layered clothing and being prepared for all types of weather.

11. Traveling with Pets? For those of you looking to travel with your pets, day boarding accommodations can be made nearby.

Reservations recommended.

Colorado kennels

All 4 Paws
Alamosa: 719-589-3988

New Mexico kennels

Chama Valley Mobile Vet Clinic
Offering kennel and leash runs: 575-756-1057

Car Options:

Click on any of the cars below for more information and to book online.

Parlor Car

Parlor Car

The Parlor Car offers lounge style comfort and panoramic views! Adults 21+

Tourist Car

Deluxe Tourist

The Deluxe Tourist Car offers first class service to children of all ages!

Coach Car

Coach Seating

Travel the Cumbres & Toltec in comfort, yet economical style!

Gondola Car

Gondola Car

Everyone is welcomed to ride in the Gondola Car. Open-air with amazing views!