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The C&TS is located along the Colorado-New Mexico border, with terminals in Antonito, Colorado and Chama, New Mexico.

The nearest major airports are Albuquerque International Sunport in New Mexico and Denver International Airport in Colorado. You can also fly into Alamosa, Colorado from Denver International Airport.

Road Conditions. Construction projects may delay your journey to Chama or Antonito. Allow plenty of time to arrive at your originating station by 20-30 minutes before the boarding time shown on your ticket. Our trains and motor coaches leave promptly. More than one visitor has been stuck behind a potato truck or found an interesting way to cross the Rio Grande.

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Getting To Chama

Chama is on US Highway 64/84, 47 miles east of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, 95 miles west of Taos, and 108 miles north of Santa Fe. The station is in the center of town along NM Highway 17. Consult the map to the side for highway directions.

Physical Address: 500 Terrace Avenue, Chama, NM 87520

Distance (Miles/Time) To Chama

City Miles Time
Albquerque, NM 165 3:15
Santa Fe, NM 108 2:15
Taos, NM 95 2:00
Antonito, CO 48 1:00
Durango, CO 109 2:30
Denver, CO 307 6:15
Pagosa Springs, CO 49 1:00
Colorado Springs, CO 241 4:00
Alamosa, CO 77 1:30
Red River, NM 137 3:00
Angel Fire, NM 135 3:00
Farmington, NM 112 2:30
Phoenix, AZ 530 9:30

Getting To Antonito

Antonito is on US Highway 285, 28 miles south of Alamosa, Colorado, and 115 miles north of Santa Fe. The depot is located at the intersection of US Highway 285 and CO Highway 17, on the southern edge of town. Consult the map to the side for highway directions to town.
Physical Address:
5234 B Hwy 285, Antonito, CO 81120.

Distance (Miles/Time) to Antonito

City Miles Time
Albuquerque, NM 180 3:30
Chama, NM 48 1:00
Santa Fe, NM 115 2:15
Taos, NM 77 1:45
Durango, CO 157 3:30
Denver, CO 259 5:15
Pagosa Springs, CO 97 2:00
Colorado Springs, CO 193 3:00
Alamosa, CO 29 0:30
Red River, NM 90 2:00
Angel Fire, NM 87 2:00
Farmington, NM 194 3:00
Phoenix, AZ 636 9:30

Map of Antonito Train Station